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    Calculated Fiedl

    Jonathon Padron

      Hello Tableau World,


      I'm trying to create a calculation but having some issues. I'm working with attendance data by fiscal week by region. I have only three fields to create this calculated field.


      Region - ABU, APJ and EMEA


      Registration Status - Cancelled, Cancelled (No Show) and Registered


      Person Person ID - unique badge numbers for students


      The calculation should consist of taking the number of "registered" students by the grand total of students for registration status. For example, the ABU attendance total for fiscal week 1 was 61 = Cancelled, 19 = Cancelled (no show) and 342 = registered for a grand total of 422. the way we calculate this would be 342/422 = 81%. The registration status in populated by taking a count of Person Person ID.


      Any input how to create this calculated field?