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    Custom Fonts


      Hi, I've installed Open Sans and  used it on a dashboard, then published it to the Tableau Server where Open Sans has been installed.  I uninstalled Open Sans from my machine so I could see what the views look like from a users perspective (most users won't have Open Sans).  When I access the view and use render=false at the end I see Times New Roman.  Any idea what the issue could be or how I could troubleshoot?

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          Cheryl Grinds

          Hi Lisa,


          Open Sans needs to be installed on both the Tableau Server machine and the Client machine in order to render properly on the client machine, otherwise it will use a default font. As a best practice, we recommend using "web safe" fonts that are installed by default on all major browsers.


          More information on using custom fonts on Tableau Server can be found here: Use Custom Fonts


          Hope this helps!



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            Pedro Lemgruber

            We have been doing these with several different fonts, but one problem persists, Tableau will only recognize one font out of 12 in the same typographic family.

            So we are enable to have a light weight, or a hairline, or a semibold one. Even if you try a Google font like Lato for exemple, out of 10 weight, you only get regular and bold.

            Any idea who to fix these problem?

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              Rob Austin

              Is there a way to make the default font something other than Times New Roman e.g. Arial? Either as a Server wide setting or with css?