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    reduction number of queries sent to Netezza possible?

    Herberth-Jan van Holst


      Tableau 10 on live connection on Netezza (supported driver)


      Tableau server dashboard on star schema (fact table as central table) with several dimensions.


      Row level security implemented  on user level, so query on fact table differs per user.


      when a user changes (using drop downs) selection Tableau issues multiple queries to obtain the relevant dimension values based on that selection for the other drop down. In our dashboard this is up to 8 queries, which are issued at the same moment, all accessing the fact and a dimension.


      The nature of netezza is that it has a limit of 48 concurrent queries. It will queue queries when this limit is exceeeded. In our case when six users are working on a dashboard.


      When more users are working on a dashboard the performance will drop to unacceptable levels ( > 60 seconds waiting time ). For now we use extracts as a workaround.


      With increasing data volumes we would like to go back to the direct connection.


      Is there a way to reduce the number of queries tableau issues or another way to handle this issue?