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    Worksheets disappear after resizing browser

    Lee Wilson



      I have a set of dashboards that are currently viewed through an iframe and these are set to automatic resizing.


      When the browser moves from one size screen to another (e.g. laptop to large monitor)  some of the charts/worksheets do not show. But can reappear after refresh again. It is seeming a little random and have no idea what is happening.


      Please can someone point me in the right redirection??



      Thanks, Lee.

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          Derrick Austin

          Hey Lee,


          Is the iframe and the workbook set to automatically resize? If you are viewing the dashboard inside an iframe, the web-side pieces could be resizing oddly cutting off sides of the view.


          If they are just randomly disappearing inside the dashboard itself, you might try using the javascript API and firing something to "refresh" the dashboard. (Something like the resize call might work well: Resize )

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