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    pie charts


      i have measure called coolant temperature it starts from 0 - 60. i want to create a pie chart which shows the  number of records which are having  30-40 and >40

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          Sreekanth Kasaraneni

          Hi Vinisha,


          i am explaining on sample-superstore data.


          i have collected number of records based on region and color coded based on number of records.

          wrote the below calculation and dropped on to color card.


          IF { FIXED [Region] : SUM([Number of Records])} < 1650 THEN "LESS"


          ELSEIF { FIXED [Region] : SUM([Number of Records])} >= 1650 AND

          { FIXED [Region] : SUM([Number of Records])} < 2500 THEN "mIDDLE"


          ELSEIF { FIXED [Region] : SUM([Number of Records])} >= 2500

          THEN "HIGH" END



          please find the attached workbook for reference.




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            Mahfooj Khan

            I don't know about your data structure. I've tried to mock up some dummy data like this and used the same in below chart.

            Simply you can do like this.

            Let me know If this help. Else share a sample data in .twbx format.



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              Hima vardhan Reddy Pavuluri

              Hi , is this what you are looking for ?



              Create a calculation like this.

              IF [Tem]>=30 AND [Tem]<=40 THEN '30-40'

              ELSEIF [Tem]>40 THEN '>40'

              ELSE '<30'



              Drag into color shelf by choosing Pie as chart type and drag the same into filters shelf and exclude <30 value.

              Drag No.of Records into angle shelf


              Attached the sample workbook for reference.