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    duplicating sales on every row




      I am having an issue with my data an wondering if you can help. I have been given a report that shows all customer X systems and there sales but the sales totals are given as a total for the account not per individual systems. The result is that if I am trying to leverage systems and total sales in a report the systems count fine but the sales show against each line as shown below.



      Account: Region

      Account Names

      System typesales



      Is there a way using a formula that I can just show the total for an account sales once under the account but still show all the systems?


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          John Croft

          I'm sure there's a away. Can you post your packaged workbook or at least a sample of spreadsheet with dummy data?

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            John Croft

            Just quickly dragging everything to the rows shelf, this is what I see. Not sure why you would get a sum at the account level. 



            You can always fix the calculation at 'system' and receive the below:



            Here's the calc:


            { FIXED [System type]: SUM([Sales])}

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              Shriram Saxena

              Hi James,


              As far as I have understood your problem,

              You want to visualize the aggregate value of sales value Account Name wise and what is the aggregate sales value for the various System types that are contributing for the particular account name.

              I have created a sample data for you and a dashboard associated with that data.

              In the dashboard Account name wise sales is shown and if you click on any particular account type you will get a drill down for what are the system types are there in a particular account name.



              PFA: Data , Dashboard


              Dashboard: Please click on any Account Name to see the drill down for systems.


              Is this what you are looking for??



              Shriram Saxena