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    Customised 100% Stacked chart

    Varun Vashishth

      I have something like this:



      I want something like this :


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          Srinidhi Narayan



          I quickly put together something using the sample superstore data.  In my case I am using category for the color buckets (equivalent to your fruits), and region equivalent to your people.  Since you want to compare quarter over quarter, I have added a viz that uses a table calc that does quarter over quarter comparison.  Also use a symbol and colored that by the quarters where percentage diff was positive or negative.   I believe this gives you a better comparison, than relying on the user's eyes to do the comparison.


          On the last viz, I dual axis'ed the sales (used sum, but you can change that to a table calc if you need percentages), and also show the relative change from quarter to quarter based on percentages, so you can see both.    Not exactly looking like what you want, but given that you are looking at time trends, and relative comparisons, I tried to use the viz techniques that quickly addresses your needs, making it easier to spot changes in qtr over qtr, I would think.    I used lines to represent sales - that is generally the best practice when representing things over time, but you can change it to a different mark type if you wish.


          I hope this helps.  Let me know if you need explanations on anything.

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            Varun Vashishth

            THanks for the Reply Srinidhi.


            I am getting this error(I am a newbie).

            • This file was created by a newer version of Tableau. Please contact Tableau Software to upgrade your version.


            I have Tableu 9.2 Desktop professional(undergoing coursera course.Hence)

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              Srinidhi Narayan

              ah.. sorry about that.  It was created using Version 10.   I will try to post some screen shots and steps later today. 


              Alternatively you can download Tableau 10.. it will run alongside older versions.   Just remember that the windows default will set the latest exe as the one to use for any tableau extensions.

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                Srinidhi Narayan



                Here is a screenshot of the vizzes that potentially achieve what you would like as an outcome.,.  The screenshots here are based off of version 10.    The interfaces are slightly different compared to 9.2, but all the functionality should still be available. 


                1. Your original viz




                Your desired modification:




                The 100.0 line is essentially a constant reference line.  To add the constant line go to the Analytics Tab (next to the data tab) and pick Constant Line.  Set the value to 1.




                Alternatively - here is a viz that shows quarter over quarter comparison.  The marks are showing the performance in that quarter relative to the previous quarter.  All marks below 0 are quarters that performed poorly compared to the previous quarter.   The percentages are percentage diff compared to previous qtr,  




                The SUM(Sales) pill is a table calculation defined as follows:




                HEre is the same viz but represented as bars, and the positive change vs. negative change is colored accordingly.   This gives you a quick visual as to which qtrs fared better (or worse) compared to previous. 






                I have a couple of other vizzes that are slightly further from this that combines the percentage and just the relative performance (up vs. down) on qtr to qtr.  Will post that in a later post. 


                I hope this is helping.. I will let you try to figure this out yourself first - since all the pieces are visible in each of the screenshots.