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    mapping: created a count per polygon but now need ranges

    D Sharpington



      I've attached a screenshot of my worksheet in the hope that clarifies what I'm trying to ask.


      I've created a polygon layer from one data source and have blended a secondary one. The primary source is the polygons and the secondary source has a varying number of records per polygon - ie I am trying to create a filled map.


      So I have mapped a count of a field from the secondary source but only want  a maximum of five distinct colours, so I need to group the count. I can't figure out how to do this after I've already applied the 'count' function to the field.


      I have been thinking that what I need to do is first create a calculated field along the lines of 'count[num of records],  grouped by polygon' , to get a polygon id column and a total column, and then drag it on to colour but it is finding the 'grouped by' equivalent in Tableau calculated fields that is baffling me.


      Hope that makes sense and thanks for any advice.