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    Problem with publishing data extract

    Prasad Moyarath

      I am new to Tableau and published a data extract to the server. Connection type is showing as Tableau Data Extract and is Live. Screen shot attached. I need the extract to refresh every 4 hours.


      I compared with some extracts already published in server and saw that Connection Type needs to be Spark SQL and Live needs change to extract refresh date. How will I make these changes?

      Can someone tell me the step by step procedure to publish a datasource as extract as I don't see this problem anywhere?

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          Glen Robinson

          Hi Prasad

          I think that what has happened is that you have connected to a Tableau Data Extract (TDE file) in Desktop and published this to your server.

          What you need to do is connect to the live data source in Tableau Desktop, create an extract and then publish this to the server.

          If you take the second approach, you will be given the option to set a refresh schedule when you publish, etc.

          This should solve your issue

          Hope this helps


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            Jambesh Mahapatra

            There are two way to check  Data Source in tableau and how you navigate  to the same data source  will show you  what  you need.


            Example : 1 (Best if you want to see what data sources are connected to the workbook and then check the connection details).

            if you have followed the below navigation path  your data Extract will show as Live(Indirect Path):

            And looks like you are looking at your data source by using this path -


            Select Projects under Content as highlighted like above.

            Under the Different Projects, Select the Project Name where your workbook present

            Click on the Workbook  and then  it will show you many Data Sources Connected to that workbook in Data Sources Menur as show below


            If you click on the Data Source at this moment it will show all your extract connected to the workbook as "Live" 



            Less Click to see Live Vs Extract

            Example-2(Follow this approach and It will show you Live as Live and Extract as Extract"

            In the first menu "Projects | Workbooks| Views | Data Source"

            Click on Data Source Directly.

            It will show you all your published Data Source(Live/Extract /Data Source Type etc).

            Look for your published Data Source and you will Noticed that your Published Extract will show you when it was last refresh (Extract date & Time) and also the Data Source type.



            If you are following the first method , Click on the Data Source and Check the Data Connection, That will show you if your data source is Live/Extract.


            Follow the second approach and update if  you see what you expect.

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              Prasad Moyarath

              Thank you Glen Robinson. You were spot on. Solved my problem.

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                Glen Robinson

                Hi Prasad

                Glad that this worked for you

                Please can you mark the question as solved, so that others are able to see that there is a solution to this problem