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    Highlighting & Filtering with parameter + Dynamic background images

    Julie Sauvageau

      To answer 2 questions asked in the last TUG - in the same Post / Dashboard!


      How to have a selection of Countries that will filter in some worksheets and highlight in another?

      (we don't want to offer 2 selections to users, one for filtering, one for highlighting..)


      How to have a full quality image that will show or hide based on my selection?

      In this case, a graph using custom shapes was use and was working BUT images were poor quality.


      This demo is using background image instead - using conditional image in background and a Set to control if the panel will show or not.

      Also - a parameter was created to filter and highlight at the same time!


      Here is the link to download the dashboard: it’s version 9 so you will be asked to upgrade on opening and it’s all good.



      How to do this?

      Parameter: create a string / list parameter. You can Load from the Data. Then add the value “All” and drag it at the top of the list.

      Note: remember to update values if you have new countries (in this case) - it’s not dynamic.


      Filter: Create a calculated field “Show Country?” that will be True of False

      When parameter is “All”, will return always “True”


      Highlight: Create a calculated field that will tell you if you need to highlight. When the parameter is “All”, you don’t need. When it’s equal to the country, yes, you need to! Then  you can use this in Color or, in my example, to control the label (condition) and to control the color of another set of circles in the background (I used Dual Axis, synchronized, with a bigger size, in the back). The color of this new set of circles is “White” when I don’t need to highlight. So visually, we see nothing special!


      Background Image - You need to explore the option of Background image in Worksheets / Map options at the top.

      Create a face x-y positions. Then add your background image with x and y as values and make sure to enter the country condition to show the image only when Country = [value]

      To make sure this page will Hide when image is not needed, you can create a Set containing only the list of countries with image. Then you make a filter on this Set (always). This filter will enter in conflict with your regular filters (when applicable) so this panel will hide automatically.


      Download the workbook and explore options - let me know if you have questions!