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    Syncing the filter and applying the same filter to worksheets built using different data-source?

    Vishal D

      I am using Tableau 10.0


      Dashboard 1 - Retail Store MAP(Data-source 1)


      Dashboard 2 - Sales by Store (Data-source 1) & Profit by Store (Data-source 2)


      On-click of a retail store on MAP from Dash 1 I want to navigate to Dash 2 and also sync the store quick filter(Store Name) I have in Dash 2


      If I use action filter option - Syncing a Quick Filter with a Dashboard Filter Action | Tableau Software then I cannot apply the action filter to other 'Profit by Store'(built on datasouce 2) as the new option in Tableau 10 of applying global filter to different data-source is not available for action filter




      If its a normal quick filter on Dashboard 2 then I see the new option of Tableau 10 but then I wont be able to sync the filter to the store which was click on MAP.




      How do I achieve both?