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    Conditional formating for Measure (one is aggregate and one s not aggregate)


      Team having problem while applying conditional formatting.


      Need to apply a condition between two measure and highlight one measure if condition not met.


      GOAL (Measure)  - Creating a measure as -


      int(CASE [NAME] when 'Name 1' then '5'

      when 'Name 2'  then '4'

      when 'Name 3' then '1'

      when 'Name 4' then '5'

      when 'Name 5' then '6'

      when 'Name 6' then '7' END)


      Current (Current) -  Measure second - This is coming from data source. (This is numeric values)


      Now the issue is GOAL is aggregating but measure two is not aggregating, so while applying condition as


      if  [Goal] < [Current] then 'Red' ELSE null END.


      This condition is always failing even though its not because now aggregate measure is comparing with non aggregate.


      My requirement is Goal < Current then highlight CURRENT as RED color font.


      Currently when I applying everything is null and giving other color (Blue). It should fail for row number 2 and 3 and display as RED - How to do I achieve this.


      Please help - please let me know if requirement is not clear.