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    Size, Advanced customization

    Santiago Calvo


      I´m wondering if there is any way to customize the size in an advanced way. As we can do in the color customization..

      I would like to change the "Start- End" of the size.


      Thank you,


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          Joe Oppelt

          This issue frustrates me too.  And I'm replying here to see what else others have to offer.


          I once had a dashboard with a dozen little bar charts.  I wanted to make the size of the bars EXACTLY the same thickness on all the charts.

          The only way I managed to do that was using a very unsupported trick.


          You can edit your TWB in NOTEPAD (for example).  It's an interesting dive into some of the inner workings of what's happening behind the scenes in Tableau.  The stull in there is XML.  With the right detective work, you can figure out where the size of the bar is set, and change it to a new number.  I was able to set the size on all the bars in all the sheets uniformly for a perfect display.

          When you exit NOTEPAD, be sure to save as a TWB file.  (You'll have to spell it out on the save line.)  And please, save it with a different name in case you hosed up something else while you were in there.  You want to be able to get back to your original if you messed something up.


          Never forget:  Editing the TWB is completely unsupported.

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            Hope Stiles



            If you can use a 'shape' then you can set the size this way.  I have a dashboard where I use arrows and circles.  I was able to set the size on each sheet so that 75% would be the same size on each worksheet on the dashboard.  I'm not sure if this will work in your situation but thought I would mention it.



            temp forum edit size.GIF

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              Santiago Calvo




              I´ve realized that it´s not needed to change to shapes. When you ask for the size legend then you can make more detailed changes.