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    Map not filling based on the Mapbox layer

    Vipin Saroha


      I am using the map from Mapbox as my background map.

      However, when insert the coutry level data and use the fill map functionality tableau is filling the data in the countries based on its own maps.

      Is there any option to fill the country data based on the mapbox map.


      Currently this is what is looks like.

      I want the color to be filled based on the dotted boundary lines and not based on tableau map.

      Find attached the twbx file with this.




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          Kent Marten

          The answer to your question is no, you cannot use Mapbox data for geocoded marks in Tableau.


          The only way to use custom geography in Tableau today is by converting spatial data into a point-ordered table and using custom polygons to display them.  In the near future, you will be able to bring in your own Shapefile (or other common formats) into Tableau.


          Regards, Kent

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