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    Multiple Labels on Bar Chart

    Adil Mujtaba

      Hello Everyone,

      I have following bar chart, which shows count of accounts we have and how many of them are assigned to sales people and so on.

      In the labels i want to show the Actual numbers as well as percent of total accounts for each measure. So for e.g for green bar chart label should be 40684, 23%, Thanks for the help




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          Hi Adil,


          To add multiple Labels on bar,Just put whatever field you want as label in to the label field.then format label like the picture below.


          label format.PNG


          Then You will get the required output


          super store sample.PNG


          Hope this helped.



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            Adil Mujtaba

            Hello Serah,


            Thanks for the answer,  i think my requirement is not only to display multiple labels but to display multiple labels which are specific for each bar.

            Let me try to explain,


            1. First bar shows the total # of customers we have.
            2. Second bar shows the # of assigned customers to Sales people.
            3. Third bar shows for customers where we have telephone number

            and so on..


            For each bar i want to show total number + % it represents of Total customers.

            So for e.g for second bar i want to show #of assigned customers, (#of assigned customers/#of customers).

            For third bar i want to show #of  accounts with telephone,(#of  customers with telephone/#of customers).


            So you see that each bar has a different field that needs to be displayed in the label.


            Hope i was able to explain myself.

            I will try to attach a workbook as well.


            Best regards,


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              Lisa Li

              Hey Adil,


              Have you tried creating a calculated field where

              if [Account Type]="Total" then str(count([Account Type])+"Total customers"

              elseif  [Account Type]="Assigned" then str(count([Account Type])+"Assigned customers"

              elseif  [Account Type]="Accounts with telephone" then str(count([Account Type])+"accounts with telephone"



              If your data has a dimension similar to Account Type, this should work.



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