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    Aggregation Issue in Hierarchy of data

    sakthie tm


      Please refer to the sample workbook and sample dump attached


      I have 2 dimensions named call email type(string)  and call email date (date)  and one measure count(number) in xls.Using Count i am calculating percentage a new calculated field which will be based on Type i.e., I have three attributes in my Type name Inbound,Call adherence PER,and Total_calls.

      Before i had an issue with aggregate and non aggregate mixing error but that was resolved

      my calculations are

      Inbound call =

      {FIXED: Sum(IF ([Call email Type]="Inbound")




      Total calls=

      {FIXED: Sum(IF ([Call email Type]="Total_calls")





      SUM([Inbound Call])/SUM([Total Calls])


      In my hierachy it is base on call email date like year-month-week-date

      Now the issue i face is Once i populate the data and i move inisde the hierarcy like form year to month  the count gets decresed based on the Month but the Percentage remains the same throughout

      Kindly give me a solution for this

      Thank you in advance