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    Drill when using SUM, COUNT, etc.

    Jeremy Blaney

      Hi everyone,


      I am trying to create a product with drillable summary counts. I have this workbook configured such that I have a group of three leaders who are able to see how many of their subordinates have Metric 1 and how many of their subordinates have Metric 2.


      The counts add up just fine. I used COUNTD because each subordinate has a unique Person Number.


      However, when I right click on the COUNTD result (e.g., "48") and select "View Data" I only see one row... the summarized info (e.g., "48").


      I need to be able to "View Data" and see all 48 records (nothing more, nothing less) so the user can see what's going on.


      I have a separate dashboard that this ties to, but I cut out a lot of data to make this nice and neat.


      Any help would be much appreciated! See you at TC2016 (but please help before then ).


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          Ivan Young

          Have you tried clicking the underlying tab when viewing data?  It should have the underlying rows


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            Jeremy Blaney

            Yes, but that shows all records... in other words, I see the records for Metric 1 and the records for Metric 2.


            I can get this to work for one Metric by used number records. However, something finicky is happening when I try to use COUNTD.

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              Ivan Young

              Looking at it more closely I would expect you would see all the records in the group for each metric.  This is happening because no records are being filtered out of the data source. COUNTD is just counting the distinct names.


              You'll have to find a way to filter out any duplicate records and records with Term = NULL, you may need to split the metrics into 2 worksheets, one with the row headers and metric 1 and another without row headers and metric 2.

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                Jeremy Blaney

                Hi Ivan,


                Thanks for the thoughts. I played with this a bit more...


                1. All Metrics are a Type so I put Type on the columns shelf. My group of leaders stayed on the rows shelf.
                2. I need counts for each Type to be independent because I need to add a few together, subtract a few from each other. So I made a record count for each type.
                  IF [Type] = "Metric 1" THEN [Number of Records] END
                3. I applied this calc - now I'm able to see the the total counts and I'm able to drill into the data for each Metric and Person.


                However, I can't combine a few of those custom calcs and display them on the columns shelf.


                I think the count method is the best way to go, but really need to be able to drill into the data. Any thoughts?


                - Jeremy