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    Conditional Formatting for Cohorts

    Mattia Balzarini

      Good morning Community

      I'm facing a formatting issue.

      I have a crosstab cohort as in picture below and I am having trouble in its coloring.

      I have as label the %of active users in periods after the acquisition month, on Columns the period after ( so first column is acquisition moment, 2nd is active within the 30 days after their acquisition and so on).


      Now I can color it for the label but this wouldn't make much sense. I wanna color it for % of active yes, but according to each single column, so that same "active period" is compared, so column 60 coloring should be independent from column 120 coloring.

      This is possible to achieve in excel selecting each single column and making the conditional formatting.


      I still couldn't find a way to achieve it in Tableau, anybody has a solution or a way around it?