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    Filtering Records on Annual Totals Based on Parameter

    Wes Reneau

      Hello Friends,


      I am stumped and I feel like I'm either missing something super simple or this is something Tableau doesn't do easily. I've attached an example using the Superstore data and have explained the issue below.


      Desired Outcome:

      Exclude entire row (Category) if any year (Order Date) has a number of records greater than the entered parameter (All Annual Records <=).


      Using my calculated field(s) Less Than Check, Tableau currently only filters out the year (column) not meeting the criteria and not the entire row (Category).


      What do I need to modify to exclude the entire category if any of the years have a total > than the user entered parameter?

      Parameter and Calculated Field(s):

      I created a parameter named All Annual Records <= and three calculated fields attempting to get the desired outcome named Less Than Check 1, Less Than Check 2 and Less Than Check 3. The attachment currently has Less Than Check 1 being used.



      Examples of Desired Outcomes


      Office Supplies468484542641


      Example 1 with desired outcome:

      User enters 400 into the parameter

                Office Supplies is excluded since any one of the years is > 400.

                Furniture and Technology are included since each year is <= 400

      Example 2 with desired outcome:

      User enters 375 into the parameter. Furniture and Office Supplies are excluded.

                     Furniture is completely excluded because 2014 is > than parameter.

                     Office Supplies is excluded because all years once again > than parameter.

      Example 3 with desired outcome:

      User enters 350 into the parameter, resulting in all categories being excluded.


      Thanks in advance for any suggestions.