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    Plotting two timeseries on same Y-axis and plot business days only

    Tahsin Alam

      I am very new to Tableau - so please feel free to redirect me if this is not an appropriate question for this forum.


      I have a table with dates and two time series (end-of-day data, so daily interval) that I want to plot on one chart, both timeseries on the same Y-axes, and the X-axis showing only . The issues I am having are:


      1) I tried "lines (continuous)", "lines (discrete)", and "dual lines" chart types - none of them give me two lines on one Y-axis that am looking for. First two produce two different charts, and the last one produces two lines on two different Y-axes.

      2) The X-axis starts as "Year (Date)" showing only Years ... since I have data only for one year, all data is in one point. I change the X-axis variable to "Exact Date" and that works ... except almost every change I make to the chart, the X-axis reverts to "Year (Date)" .... very annoying and counte rproductive.

      3) The X-axis shows calendar days - would like it to show only the days in the data or trading days.


      Thanks for help!