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    Training video: Cross Database Joins


      So, the video starts out by adding the .xls file Sales 2016, and then asking - instead of clicking 'new data source' - that you click 'Add', chose text file and then select the other file in the downloaded data set named 'Products 2016'.


      In the video - everything looks perfect: Data from the new file formatted in the correct columns and an inner join selected on the correct column from each file. Not so in my case.


      I add the text file - and the first hurdle is that it doesn't separate the text correctly. Instead of using commas as a delimiter it uses spaces. Then when I try to correct this by editing the 'Text file properties' in the dropdown and chose comma - it incorrectly separates the last column - the 'Product name'. This column is separated without issue in the training video even though it's delimited by " and has several commas within it. All right. I can do a mismatched field merge on those four columns - and move on (though it does leave me with some names with " in the beginning some not) - but why would a training video include steps which apparently mess up so easily and not advise about this?


      Or is this a freak incident?