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    Deploying to UAT/prod with embedded data sources

    Anders Nielsen

      Hi all,


      I'm trying to work out a deployment procedure for my Tableau project. The environment consists of a dev, test, and prod environment. Each environment has different data source IP addresses and SQL credentials. I'm developing the reports in Tableau Desktop 10 and deploying them to Tableau Server 10 where users will access them. The project file has embedded data sources.


      What I've done so far:

      - Copied the project file from dev to UAT, opened it in Tableau Desktop and manually updated all 6 data sources to point to UAT SQL

      - Published the project to Tableau Server.


      So far so good, but it's a tedious process and I was hoping for subsequent deployments that I could simply copy the dev project file to UAT, open it in Tableau Desktop and publish it to Tableau Server without publishing the data sources. I would then retain the UAT data sources, only publishing them if there had been changes to them. However, this isn't possible since Tableau Desktop won't allow publishing a projet (with or without data sources) unless all data sources are working. And since I'm opening a dev project on UAT, they aren't working.

      When I try to publish, Tableau Desktop will show some dialogs, hang, and eventually give up. This makes little sense to me, and it means that I am forced to update all data sources in Tableau Desktop, pointing them to UAT, even if I didn't intend to publish them.


      What would be the best approach here?