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    No tables are getting displayed in Data source pane from Cassandra using SImba ODBC

    Saravinder Basrai



      I am able to connect to Cassandra Datastax community 2.2 from Tableau 9.3 using the latest Simba driver. When I enter the keyspace from the list and search for tables within that keyspace, I don't get any tables. But when I use custom sql to query any table, I get the output. Please suggest if I am missing anything here.


      Note: with latest tableau 10.2, I am not even able to connect to Cassandra and that's why I am using 9.3.4, below is the error log I got from ODBC driver:

      Oct 12 18:11:36 INFO 3540 Connection::SQLGetInfoW: InfoType: Unknown InfoType (10025)

      Oct 12 18:11:36 ERROR 3540 Connection::SQLGetInfoW: [Simba][ODBC] (11180) SQLGetInfo property not found: 10025