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    Reset button for multiple value wildcard search filter

    Michele Doucette

      I have a curriculum search tool distributed to faculty as a packaged workbook. Part of the tool includes a Multiple value wildcard search filter kindly described and shared by the Information Lab. Everything works great. My only hiccup is figuring out a way to "reset" the string parameters that are part of the Boolean search function to an "empty/ default" state. Currently, the user has to manually delete his/her search term entries AND reset the Boolean operators to the default (OR) state to begin a new search - not optimal. The Boolean Search includes 4 search terms (string parameters) and 2 parameters for the logical operators (AND/ OR) between them.


      The packaged workbook also includes multiple filters that are easily reset using a button referring to a "Blank" worksheet. Unfortunately, this type of approach doesn't work with string parameters. There have been discussions around resetting parameters with no solutions: "parameter reset" search. This maybe something that can't be done in Tableau at this time, but any help/ suggestions would be greatly appreciated!