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    Slow when load first sheet for a published workbook?

    Mei Ling Loi

      Does anyone experience, every time you open the first sheet, it will take longer time ?

      For example, I have a published workbook with 7 sheets.

      Let say I open this workbook and pick sheet1 as the first sheet to be opened.

      To open Sheet1 for the first time, it took me 10 seconds.

      Later, I navigate to sheet2, it took me 3 seconds.

      Navigate to sheet3, it took me around 5 seconds.


      Then I close the workbook, clear the browser cache and reopen the same workbook.

      But this time, I pick sheet2 as the first sheet to be opened.

      I notice sheet2 is taking me 9 seconds.

      3 times slower compare to above.

      Then I navigate to sheet1.

      To my surprise, it only took me around 5 seconds to have it opened.


      I am not sure why is this.

      For me, it feel like any worksheet that get opened for the first time, it will take longer time.

      Is this due to Tableau server trying to load every sheet in memory first ? (even though user haven't navigate on it ?)

      Does anyone have insight on this?

      Please help. Thank you.