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    Multiple series in single chart with multiple time dimension values(X-axis)

    Archana N

      Hi I am trying to achieve - 3 line series in a single graph.

      Series 1: sum(amount) group by months

      Series 2: sum(amount) group by Quarter

      Series 3: sum(amount) group by Year


      I want all the 3 series or 3 line charts to be in single sheet with common X-axis - showing M1,M2,M3,..M12; below M1,M2,M3 - Q1,below M4,M5,M6 - Q2 and so on..below Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4  - should show Y1 (if multiple years are there - should show accordingly - Y2,Y3,etc)


      How do I achieve it in Tableau?