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    How to make a filter selected on first load?

    Ammy Vega Darya

      Dear All,


      I have a two dashboards, just called it first dashboard and second dashboard.

      After user select an item on the first dashboard, it will go to second dashboard since I created an action for it.

      There is a category filter in second dashboard, so user can click it to display the data based on their selection.

      However I am trying to make a filter selected/clicked every time second dashboard loaded.

      Please refer to the figures below:


      This is when 'Beverage' category selected:



      And this is when 'Food' category selected:


      My question is, How can I set a default value based on the category filter?

      So, after a user click an item from first dashboard, it will go to second dashboard with 'Food' already selected/clicked.

      Any idea guys?