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    Mikey Michaels

      Hi All,

      I think this should be a simple question.

      Can someone help me show only the top 3 differences on the attached? I would expect to see Product Brands LM, So, and OM.  Also, on a separate tab,can someone help me show the bottom three differences? This would include Ma, Ca, Si.

      Thanks everyone!




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          Hima vardhan Reddy Pavuluri

          Hi Mikey ,

          I have implemented your requirement.

          • 12101.PNG12102.PNG
          • Create a calculation like this.
          • ZN(SUM([Seat Quantity Under Maint])) - LOOKUP(ZN(SUM([Seat Quantity Under Maint])), -1) . I named it calculation2.
          • Create one more calculation name Rank like below.
          • RANK_UNIQUE([Calculation2]) 
          • Now drag this Rank calculation into Rows shelf and Right click on it to go to menu and select edit table calculation.
          • Select Specific dimensions, Select 'Select view' filed for the At the level option & Select Date level field for Restarting every option.
          • Drag this Rank filed from Row shelf into Filter shelf and select at most 3 in filter option.
          • Fot the 2 nd requirement that is for bottom 3 select range to get only last 3 values in filter option.


          Hope this helps you. Attached the workbook for your reference.

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