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    Need A timeline chart

    sharath kumar

      Hi All,


      I have a requirement to create a chart which has two years as the axis (for example Jan 2016- Dec 2017)and i have start date and end date of a event. I need a line chart from start to the end date.I have many such events so need to monitor each event.Is this possible.Has anyone had the same requirement and come up with any visualization please help.


      I have attached image as how i want my chart to look.

      Desc: Event A starts at Jan 2016 and ends at Nov 2017.Similalry Event B starts at march 2016 and ends at  sep 2017,whereas D continues on 2018.

      When 2016 is complete the above axis should be from 2017-2018.


      My date has 3 date fields Start date, End date, Target date.


      Is it possible to get anything close to this?


      Thanks In Advance.