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    How to connect Eloqua with Tableau?

    Rev Rama

      Hello there,


      Has anyone used any free tools to connect Eloqua with Tableau.

      I am using this tool - Welcome to DataDirectCloud  but getting this error "bad URL" when try to connect using ODATA . Has anyone used this tool before if so what is format of URI you have used?




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          Saikrishna Teja Bobba

          Hi Rama,


          I am from Progress DataDirect and I will be able to help you through your issue. To start off, Did you configure the schema for OData  before using OData endpoint with tableau? If you haven't done so, please watch this video tutorial on how to use your datasource through OData API using DataDirect Cloud. Let me know if you are able to access your Eloqua data through OData endpoint.



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            Drew Loika

            Hi Rama, good news! Tableau's Oracle Eloqua connector is now available in beta. Give it a try, we'd love to hear your thoughts.


            Tableau Oracle Eloqua Connector Beta Program | Tableau Software




            Drew Loika

            Product Manager - Cloud


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              Rev Rama

              Thanks I have given my feedback and it is here too.


              Does anyone know which table to use pull all page view activity? The activity page view table in tableau eloqua connector gives a total page views that is lot less than the figure I see in insight reports in Eloqua.


              The data connector is not pulling data in full.


              For ex for one month we get 600k page views but the Eloqua connector table only shows 158k. Also total page views, total visits and total visitor metrics are not available. You can get all these in Eloqua insight area. This is very useful metrics.


              If you know why they count is different then please do let me know.



              Kind regards,