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    Help me get data from BigCommerce into Tableau in an automated way

    Maya Clem

      I love Tableau but we are not using it fully because it requires me (who wears a million other hats as the ceo of small business) to download the data from our ecommerce site (BigCommerce), merge it with the existing data, and then reconnect it to Tableau.  This means that it is not being done on a regular basis.


      My ideal scenario is that ever order/customer record shows up in Tableau automatically.  Has anyone found a way to do this? I will be forever grateful!


      Thank you!

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          Tien Nguyen

          Not a BigCommerce user myself but just try to give you my though. Hope it will give you some directions.


          There are two options you may try. ( Both require a bit of programming I guess)


          Option 1: Leverage tableau web connector

          Since BigCommerce has an API, you may ask any developer to use that together with Tableau Web Data Connector.

          It looks like a sleek option.


          Option 2: Build a mini database in-house to hold the extract and merging data from BigCommerce.


          The process would be:


          1. Download data from BigCommerce,

          2. Automate the merging process

          3. Import that into the reporting database.

          Then, use Tableau with the reporting database.


          This is the concept of data warehouse that I use at my work. (I use Microsoft MSSQL database. But if you want open source check out Talend with Mysql for example).


          The drawback of this option is that your reporting database is not live. Depend on your scheduling, it could be 1 day or few hours behind.



          Good luck