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    Improve the Intital Load Time of Dashboard

    Abhay Ranjan

      Hi Folks,


      We have a  dashboard which takes around 5 seconds to load. The link to the dashboard(deployed on to tableau server)  is embedded within a web application and we have been asked to reduce the initial load time to the extent it can be done. Some information about the dashboard  and tableau server:


      1.We are using extracts and the total number of records is around 106,000.

      2.The dashboard has 5-6 calculated field.

      3.Dashboard does not have a lot of marks.

      4.There are around 10 images embedded with the dashboard .

      5.We have 3 action filters on the dashboard.

      6.Tableau desktop version 9.01 .


      Please note that performance of the dashboard  on the desktop is same as that on the tableau server. Also note that it is the initial load time which is a concern and not the subsequent interactivity.


      Some information on tableau server.


      1.Standalone 32 GB 8 Core.

      2.One instance of each of the tableau server processes.

      3.Tableau Server version 9.0.1 .



      Note that increasing the number of instance of vizql server or dataengine does not help in improving the performance. Attaching the performance recording done on the dashboard deployed on to tableau server.


      Although there is a lot of literature around improving dashboard performance and I have implemented a few but I still don't see any performance improvement.


      Any pointers would be appreciated .




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          Matthias Goossens

          Hey Abhay,


          Are you using the option 'Hide all unused fields' when creating your extracts?

          This can increase the performance quite a lot!




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            Abhay Ranjan

            Thanks Matthias . While checking the developer tools I see that there are couple of  javascript files like vqlui.dedug.js  and  vqluiweb.debug.js which takes a lot of time to load. Do we know anything about this javascript  file and is there a way we can reduce the load time.


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              Santiago Sanchez

              Hi Abhay,


              As you've expressed the performance is the same in Desktop as it's in Server, I'd focus on improving the load time on Desktop. A general rule of thumb is 'if it's slow on Desktop, it will be slow on Server'. Good news are it seems like there are no particular issues with your Server! (otherwise you'd see very different performance between both tools).


              Matthias suggestion is great, and it can indeed help. If you chose to do it, just make sure to regenerate your extract after hiding the fields.


              Here are a couple of other ideas:


              1. On top of hiding unused fields on extracts, you can aggregate them to reduce the number of rows. See here for more info. 

              2. You mention you are using embedded images. Maybe those are large files. I'd suggest checking if that can be reduced (maybe not all the resolution or particular file type are needed).


              Also, have you tried looking at Create a Performance Recording? The results may give you some more hints on what's taking the longest time to load.


              Hope this helps!

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                Rahul Tokase



                I would suggest to add following to the trusted viz url



                with this tableau will not load the all the not required debug javascript files.

                Make sure you add : before parameter name


                Let me know if this helps.

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                  Jeff Strauss

                  Hi Abhay.  I don't see anything glaringly wrong based on the performance recording.  Are the images "large" in terms of MB, and are they local?


                  Can you upgrade to 10.1?  This may help.


                  Can you subscribe to the report so that the image is pre-loaded in cache upon rendering?  Does this help?


                  Are you using the Javascript API with trusted auth with AD?  Or describe this a bit more.