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    List of Regressions and Slopes for each class

    Ifeanyi Meniru

      Basically I have a set of  data that is categorized by classes, subclasses, and product name. The data contains total sales and discounts and I plan on analyzing the
      relationship of discounts and sales for each category. R-squared and Slope are great indicators of that, so I want to list out what classes, subclasses, and products has the top R-square and slope.
      More like a table, it’s a quick snapshot for others to view and see what classes, subclasses, and products are most responsive between sales and discounts.  So far I have a trend line developed and computed the calculated  field for R-squared, Slope, Covariance, and R. Which was indicated here https://community.tableau.com/docs/DOC-6451  . However I'm having trouble for the R-squared and Slope calculation fields computing for each category.