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    Hierarchical Structure / Buckets / Totals

    Thomas Gaffney




      I am attempting to create a calculated field that will allow me to show a Total for ***** side by side with a total for Soccer ***** and Baseballs.  My data is organized in a hierarchical structure and cannot be changed.





      TH2=Soccer Ball, Baseball 


      TH3=Red, Yellow, Blue 



      Currently I can use field TH2 to show totals for soccer and baseballs, but cant get a grand total. Or, I can use field TH1 to show a grand total, but can't get the split between soccer and baseballs.



      Is there a way to bucket data into one field when you are dealing with a hierarchical structure? I tried an if/then statement, but I assume it is not working as Tableau would default all three conditions below into the 'Total *****' bucket.



      If TH1 ='*****' then 'Total *****' ELSEIF 


      TH2 ='Soccer Ball' then 'Soccer Ball' ELSEIF 


      TH2 = 'Baseball' then 'Baseball' Else 






      Thank you!