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    Multiple Fitlers from one dimension

    Jonathon Padron

      Hello Tableau team,


      I currently upload my data into tableau with Excel. It's not raw but rather the end result for all of my 18 metrics for my team. The way i set my data up is kind of weird but it works. My first column named source consist of directors, managers and line of business. The next column is the fiscal month. Then i have the 18 different metrics as columns with the metrics displayed as a percent. I have 3 sheets that make up my dashboard. is there a way to create 3 different filters from the "source fileld?" For example, i would have a filter that consists of all my directors, filter for all of my managers and lastly a filter for all of my line of businesses. ideally, i would like my stakeholders to have the ability to either select a director, manager or line of business.