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    Tableau Reader- Mass distribution question

    Charles Foley

      Lets say you have 20 sales reps and they cant see eachothers data.

      Tableau server is not an option as my manager did not approve that spend.

      I was thinking of having my base data get outputted with the Sales reps unqiue data into 20 different Excel files.

      Then i would just have 20 unqiue tableau workbooks. and id jsut refresh the extract and send off.

      Is this a reasonable system of a mass distribution of the dashboards? could it be improved?

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          Matthias Goossens

          Hey Charles,


          You won't have another option then creating 20 different workbooks.

          There are no other good solutions to fix rights to a Workbook except by using Tableau server...




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            Hi Charles


            Even I am kind of looking for a similar solution. Follow the thread at

            Products where User Functions in Tableau Calculated field can be used


            Matthias is there too Lets hope if we could a better solution on User Filter. I will also try something on that.


            My quick solution is to use Parameter. Use a String Parameter.

            Create a calculated field like below and add it to the Data Source Filters to allow only True value. PFA workbook


            This way you can achieve your goal without Tableau server & User Filter.


            Note: If the end users open the Workbook in Tableau Desktop instead of Tableau Reader, they can remove the filter and see the data.

            This applies even to User Filter with Tableau Server. Any end user who has Tableau desktop can download the workbook and edit it.

            I publish the workbook to Tableau server but make it secured such a way that no one can download it. Hence the workbook is secured.


            Hope this helps.


            if [Password] = "User1" And [Sample Header] = "A" then


            elseif [Password] = "User2" And ([Sample Header] = "A" OR [Sample Header] = "B") then


            elseif [Password] = "Manager" then