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    Device Preview Formatting

    Melissa Baxter

      Hi All,


      I am very excited about Tableau 10! One feature in particular is the device preview. I am trying to go back to dashboards I have already created in the past and add different device views.


      However, I am running into one problem. When trying to format my tables on any other view, it is affecting the formatting of the original (default) dashboard. I tried copying the workbook and putting the copy on the device of choice, however it is still affecting my default.


      Any ideas on how to keep workbook formatting between devices separate?


      Thank you!

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          Phil Naranjo

          Hi Melissa--


          One key concept of Device Designer is that you're authoring a single dashboard with variant "device layouts" for different screens, such as phones, tablets, and desktop PCs.  Since it's one dashboard, all of the device layout share vizzes and their respective formatting.  If you change a worksheet on a phone, this will change the worksheet in the other layouts including default.  One workaround is to do the following:


          1. Create all three device layouts: Desktop, Tablet, and Phone
          2. Click the Custom button for all three


          This turns the default dashboard into a 'staging area.'  That is, viewers will only ever see Desktop, Tablet, and Phone layout.  Default will never get displayed by Tableau Server. 


          You can now use default as a scratch pad for staging the content that you'd like to use in the device layouts.  For example, imagine that you have a map viz in you workbook.  You discover that you require a unique map (say, non-scrolling with a dark background) just on the phone that looks different than the one intended for desktop or tablet. What you can do is duplicate the map and then customize it for the phone.  Next, you add the both map vizzes to the default dashboard.  You can then add the phone map to the phone layout and use the other map on the tablet or desktop device layouts..


          Hope this helps.



          Product Manager, Tableau (Dashboards Feature Team)

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            Andres Solano

            Hi Phil,


            Quick question on your answer. I added two layouts, for both I clicked on custom, however, changing elements on my Tablet layout, stills changes the elements on my Desktop layout. Is there any extra step to do?


            One more thing about your answer."That is, viewers will only ever see Desktop, Tablet, and Phone layout.  Default will never get displayed by Tableau Server. " What if the user never uses a device that matches layouts size. Will it show default - which size is set to automatic, or will it show any of the layouts depending on how close they are to layouts size?





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              Suraj Shah

              Hi Melissa,


              You've probably done this correctly but just to confirm, did you click the 'Add Phone Layout' button after picking the phone view? Unless you click the Add Layout button, a new layout/view is not created for the dashboard. Thus whatever changes you make will still take place on the Default view.


              Add Layout Button.PNG


              Hope this helps,



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                Phil Naranjo

                Hi Ivan--


                Regarding your first question, there are some worksheet-specific settings that are global across devices layouts.  These are:


                • Fit behaviors – Viz can have their own fit behaviors ( normal, width, height, entire view)
                • Independent map toolbar settingg (e.g. zoom level, scrolling)
                • Selection/highlighting
                • Paging settings


                If you change one of these settings in a device layout, the change gets applied to all of the other device layouts (including default).


                As for your second question, when you create all three layouts, default will never appear.  The three device layouts correspond to all possible device size ranges.  There will not be a case where a device does not match a size range.  Take a look at our help doc for an explanation of the Tableau Server detection logic:




                Look at the Test the Dashboard section.


                Hope this helps.



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                  Melissa Baxter

                  Thank you everyone for the responses! I went to the Tableau doctor in Austin and I received the same answer, so thank you!