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    Unique URL for sites within server?

    Edward Lee

      Hi, we currently have a default site with a URL like: reports.company.com.
      As reporting needs grows, we want to create sites for different department but want to have the ability for department employees to enter something like (marketing.company.com or sales.company.com) instead of reports.company.com/sites/marketing.


      Is this possible?

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          Dan Becker

          Hi Edward! That's not part of Tableau Server's native functionality. However, perhaps it could be accomplished out by using a separate generic web server (installed on a different host than Tableau Server) which supports redirects. You'd configure a web server so that if someone comes to marketing.company.com, the web server hosting marketing.company.com simply redirects the browser to the desired URL on Tableau Server, such as reports.company.com/sites/marketing, and so on.


          We have a redirect like this on our website: if you go to http://support.tableau.com, you'll end up being sent to http://www.tableau.com/support. That's just using our web server software; Tableau Server isn't involved at all.


          The details of how to do this would depend on the web server, so it'd be best to check with a friendly web server administrator in your company. Here's a tutorial I found for doing redirects on Apache - but your friendly web server admin no doubt knows much more about setting up redirects than I do!