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    Tabadmin Backup - Send email when verification fails?

    Ian Batchelder

      So I've written a simple backup script per the documentation on this site.  Ideally, I'd like tabadmin to verify the backup, and it would be really nice if it could send a notification if verification fails.  This doesn't appear to be possible out of the box - but I figured I'd check with some of the more experienced admins out there.  Thanks!


      If this isn't possible, is it something that you all think would be useful?  Should it be submitted as an idea?

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          Obed Tsimi

          Hello Ian,


          Just to understand better, you want to be notified when the backup fails or when the verification fails? or is backup interchangeable for verification?

          In the article below, its shows verification script to send out an email in Tableau Server is not running after the backup (in which case the backup failed).

          Back Up Tableau Server Data

          Let me know if i misunderstood your question.



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            Ian Batchelder

            Hi Obed - thanks for your response.  Essentially, I have tableau backing up every night via a scheduled task.  Tabadmin backs up the server, then verifies the integrity of the backup.  What I'd like to know specifically is if the backup FAILS verification.


            My backup doesn't restart the server, so there is no notification from Tableau.


            I think I've got this figured out through a less elegant series of scheduled tasks.  Basically this:


            1. A batch script that deletes yesterday's backup.log - 11:59PM
            2. The backup Job (outputs backup.log in real time) - 12:00AM
              1. Set Path, Date
              2. Move's yesterday's backups & logs to "Prior Backups"
              3. Zip the logs, append date
              4. Backup Tableau
              5. Verify Backup
              6. Append Date to backup
              7. Delete files in "Prior Backups" that are older than seven days
                1. These are in-turn backed up by our overarching backup system.  This is really for an added level of protection.
            3. A scheduled task to email the log to me - 1:00AM


            I'm sure this can be done in a far more elegant manner, but this will work.  The only thing left to do is create a rule that has Outlook flag/warn/categorize/sound an alarm if the tableau backup failed verification