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    Help with determining recovered customers (filtering)

    Lee Forst

      In the attached viz, I’m attempting to determine customers who have been recovered.  So far I think I have the calcs to be able to determine this.  The idea of a recovered customer is one who had a contract last month and didn’t have one 12+months prior.  If you look at the Recovered sheet, you will see the “I care about this” calc to show me if I’m determining the right customer.  My problem is with the calcs I have going on, I don’t know how to filter this to just show the customers that are considered recovered.


      I would like the view to simply show the Customer Number, the latest contract date, the second to last contract date, and the number of months between the two and only show the ones that are recovered.


      Do you have any thoughts on how to do this or perhaps a better way to make the ultimate solution?