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    Find most recent dimension value for entity

    Mathijs Versteeg

      I have a dataset consisting of entities (clients in this example) over time, I'm looking for a way to use the most recent value of a given dimension as a row-dimension.


      An example, I have the following dataset:


      MeasurementdateClientShort DescriptionIsLastMeasurementdate
      21-9-2016Client 1Description oneFALSE
      28-9-2016Client 1Description oneFALSE
      5-10-2016Client 1Description oneFALSE
      12-10-2016Client 1Description twoTRUE


      I'd like to make a table where I'm looking at the measurementdate in the columns, where as 'Client 1' and 'Description two' appear as rows (as this is the most recent value for 'Short Description', like so:


      Count Distinct of Client
      ClientShort Description12-10-20165-10-201628-9-201621-9-2016
      Client 1Description two1111


      I was somewhat hoping this would do the job, but alas:

           attr(if [IsLastMeasurementDate] then [Short Description] else null end)




      I'd love [IsLastMeasurementDate] then [Description 1] else null end)


      I can obviously do it in the dataset, but I'd prefer a cleaner way in Tableau itself (performance-wise I can imagine it'd be more effective).


      Any help is greatly appreciated!