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    Seems like a simple text table solution...

    Robert Lanning

      I have a customer rating table (single table) in which I want Tableau to display a simple text table:


      Rating Category     Recommended Comments     Actual Comments

      1                              Total Comments * 30%          Distinct Count [Comments]

      2                              Total Comments * 65%          Distinct Count [Comments]

      3                              Total Comments * 5%            Distinct Count [Comments]

      Unrated                    0                                           Distinct Count [Comments]

      Total                         [Total Comments]                 [Total Comments]


      However, I want the 1, 2, 3, and Unrated rows to appear regardless of whether there are actually any respective comments in those rating categories in the data (or impacted by filters that are selected). 


      I can do this in Excel, Access, and SQL in my sleep.  However, the three Tableau books I have don't seem to offer a straightforward solution.  I end up with Rating Category column and Actual Comments showing up, but only those that appear in the data (so early in data entry, I get:


      Rating Category     Recommended Comments     Actual Comments

      2                                                                                 18

      Unrated                                                                      2

      Total                         20                                               20


      and I want it to look like:


      Rating Category     Recommended Comments     Actual Comments

      1                              6                                             0

      2                              13                                           18

      3                              1                                             0

      Unrated                    0                                            2

      Total                         20                                          20