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    marge the rows of same value

    kishan borad

      Hello everyone,


      My data is like,


      Screenshot (90).png



      Here, I want to marge these rows and want get below result,


      Screenshot (91).png


           Number of record is 'calculated' field.

      I am kindly thankful for any type of help.




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          Hi Kishan,


          Suggestion from me is to add Company with NULL values as a Data Source Filter.


          Does that helps?

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            Hima vardhan Reddy Pavuluri

            Hi ,


            You can directly take average of number of record , but based on granularity of view it may impact in future if you add other dimensions, So you can use LOD expression to not disturbed by granularity of view.

            You can get this by using LOD calculation. Create a calculation like this.


            {fixed [company] : avg([number of record])}


            and use this calculation.


            If you want to do it in data source level it  self , You can create a custom SQL query , use group by clause , create query something like this.


            select company,avg(number of record) from source group by company