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    LOD for Trying to compare users over time


      Hi all,


      So, previously I was dealing with trying to compare users over a monthly period (prior thread here:  Monthly comparison of users ), and now I have a new aspect to it.


      Attached is a workbook (Tableau 9.3.2, but we will be upgrading soon to Tableau 10, so you could provide a workbook in that format if that helps) that has a mockup of the data that I'm working with.  As  you can see, we have identified who a new user is (we'll be hiding the first column so that we don't over-inflate the counts in the first month), and if the user is no longer in the file (which we consider "move to corporate"), but now we're getting a little more complicated.


      The data file that supports this is 4 months worth of data that are unioned (the real data will cover 3-4 years).


      What I need to be able to do is find out if a user has changed manager (field R2) between the months, and we're limiting that to a specific manager, so that we know they are still in the overall organization, but no longer in a specific group.


      So, what I need is a way to identify a user who switched from manager R2a to any other manager month to month.  If they do this, then we consider them to be "Left Organization".


      An additional wrinkle is that we are switching the manager that we focus on from manager R2a to manager R2b at a certain point (in this file setup it's in the month of March).


      I just noticed one more thing - with the formula for who moved to corporate, I'm showing a 1 for everyone because that's the last date - does anyone have any ideas (short of just adding another file for the max month and hiding that month from the visualization) to adjust that formula so that it only shows the 1 for those who really have a max date, and not just the max date for the entire file?


      Thanks so much in advance for your help!