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    Window Sum Filter alternative

    Anthony Griffiths

      Hi everyone


      Facing a bit of a problem


      I'm trying to create a What if analysis dashboard based on investment costs


      There's a spreadsheet that contains a list of investments, their costs and benefits


      I'm trying to create a dashboard so that the user can select how much they want to invest and it will display what investment pieces they should do (based on cost benefit rank)


      I've created a window_Sum to work out the running cost of the selected data which shows it working in a table, but I need to find a way to filter the rest of the dashboard by the same selection


      I know you can't use it as a filter in itself as it's a table calculation, but is there an alternative? I can't attach due to sensitivity but tried to take some screenshots to kind of highlight it


      Capture1 shows the parameter showing the first 2 ranked rows where investment will match closest to the user selection but all the other worksheets is not filtered the same way


      I want it to work how it looks in Capture2 but only works if I select the table (which selects the data behind)


      Hope this makes sense, appreciate any help. I'm using V9 if that helps, is there any features in 10 that could help?


      Kind Regards