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    Customizing Tableau Sign-in page

    Deepak Reddy Mogulla

      Hello guys, I am looking to change the landing page of our Tableau application. As part of our branding process, we will have to change the landing page to add some icons and images. So this is the requirement.


      Landing page:

      I was confident last week after looking at Russell Christopher's Can I still hack the login screen in Tableau Server v9? and other threads which have information on how to do it. We were on version 9.3 until last week and moved to 10.0.

      So now I am pretty skeptical on the plan that I had with Tableau 9. I see a vizportal.js file along with a vizportal.css file. The css file has changed and my problem and the reason for this discussion is to get some hints from javascript or web developers or code geeks who have tried this already and successfully modified it.


      Also this site Changing color top bar tableau server, gives me some inputs on changing the bar color, which is where I found out that there is a new .js file before I upgraded the Server. And now the combination of .js and .css file is utilized to work the UI for Tableau.


      It is too soon for something like this, as many people wait for 10.1 or above (in which all the bugs are fixed) and start working on it. But if there are folks who have knowledge on it, please do let me know any detail. I am currently playing with the javascript file and the css file to understand how they work. It is not an easy thing for me now as the javascript code is very lengthy for me to catch the right code.


      Thank you,