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    Data Source Archival

    Kaushik Shankar

      Hello all, we have several data sources which we would like to keep, but aren't in use currently. So we'd like to "deactivate" them without outright deleting the data source. One way is to just remove all extract refreshes associated with it, but we'd ideally like to store a few away if possible, for potential reactivation at a future time.


      I saw a post on this a while back, but the link to that was dead (and from mid-2015).



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          Hello Kaushik,


          According to your description, I got three assumptions,

          - The "data source" refers to published data source on Tableau Server.

          - Your published data source is not live connection, but data extract.

          - Refresh task has been set with your published data source.


          My questions are,


          - What's the detailed requirements for  "deactivate"?

          Prohibit users from viewing or connecting them?

          If so, my advice is to create a project to store all the "deactivate" data sources and set proper permission.


          - As for "we'd ideally like to store a few away if possible", what does the "a few" mean?

          A few old ones or a few fresh ones?

          If you want to keep fresh ones, according to TDE file storage when using the data server ,

          "Old extracts that have been replaced by a newer refreshed extract will get reaped after the vizql session created by the refresh background job expires, and then after a hold off period of several hours", so there is no worry that old extracts would take up much disk space.

          If you want to keep old ones, just copy the old ones to a folder for backup and remove the refresh task.




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