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    Problem leading zeros - export csv from Tableau Server and open it in MS Excel

    Patrick Weber

      I have a table on Tableau Server with a column of product numbers.

      Data Type is text and the data have leading zeros like 00123456 etc...


      My problem is when I export my table as csv file and am going to open it in MS Excel, all zeros are gone.

      If I try to open the csv in notepad everything is fine but I need it for Excel.


      I also opened the csv in Excel (without directly double click) but because of data structure carriage return

      and line feed of the csv are not the best, so it doesn't work for me.


      I also tried to put an apostrophe for each data row but if I open the csv file in Excel this apostrophe still exists.

      Only if I double click on each line it will disappear but this workaround is worse if you have a lot of rows.


      Is there any trick to get a csv file which won't be destroyed by Excel or a way to put a hidden/unvisible string to a leading zero?


      Thanks in advance.