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    A two dashboard scenario - how do I set a default filter?

    Mark Evans

      I created a dashboard to try and learn some Tableau a bit more, and I have a question. I'm using data from the US Census ACS about commuting and some other basic info. The visualization is at this link and I believe you are able to download it.


      In any case, the basic idea behind the dashboard is a view that is at the US level with maps of the states, allowing the user to hover and view state by state information and also flip between different modes of commuting. If the user clicks a state, it opens another similar dashboard that shows the state with the counties mapped.


      I seem unable to set a default filter for a dashboard. In this instance, I would like to have the state/county dashboard default to a county so that it is selected when the  user enters it. Right now, it is somewhat confusingly blank with the word "All" showing.


      Any other suggestions are more than welcome. Thanks!


      Again, here is the visualization I uploaded: Tableau Public