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    Showing Another Measure at the end of Grand Total (on a separate column)

    Ali Hirji

      Hi all,


      Reaching out for some help (again). I have attached my current viz (using v9.1).



      Call centre workbook. This workbook displays each agents/team/location quality score per month achieved on their call. We have a criteria that each month at least a total of 3 calls should be monitored (and scored). I have created a table which displays the quality score for each question (10 questions in total) and the grand total. So if an agent scored 10% (which is maximum for each question) then their total quality score will be 100%. I have managed to do this fine, what I need after the Grand Total column (i.e. the total quality score) is the number of calls monitored (aka calls scored). This will help the viewer know how many calls were monitored in the filtered duration. So an agent showing 100% for just 1 call is good, however it could be argued that the one call they were monitored on was not a true reflection on how they performance across the month. It will also highlight where more calls need to be monitored for particular agents, etc...


      Desired Outcome

      The current workbook (on excel) looks something like this... I have highlighted (very badly in yellow) the column I need at the end of the Grand Total column.


      On Tableau, every time I put the measure (using my calculated field 'zCallsScored') in the Columns section, it doesn't look how I want. The only tab I really want this to be shown on is the 'DetailedAnalysis' tab (see attached workbook). Wondering if anyone has any insight to help me figure this out. Its the last remaining piece to this puzzle of mine! As a sense check, agent Abigail Harris had 2 calls scored in the month September 2016 (see the Sense Check tab).


      P.s. apologies for the title, I couldn't think of a more fitting one (plus I've been working on this for a solid 3+ hours and it's close to 10pm my time here in the UK! (poor excuse, I know)!

      P.p.s apologies for any incorrect Tableau 'best practice', I'm a novice at Tableau and constantly stumbling on new ways of doing things! 


      Any help would be very much appreciated! If any of the above is unclear or you need further clarification, please shout.


      Thanking you in anticipation, Ali.